give your reader an experience that keeps them coming back


We'll take care of the small things while you write your next masterpiece


A bestseller begins with a great idea and excellent craft. Use Coca House’s developmental editing to build your story, characters, and setting. We’ll flesh out your plot, creating a clean storyline with full characters and rich settings.


A first draft is never your best work. Send Coca House your manuscript for a critical overlook or a simple polish. We’ll make sure inconsistencies and typos are erased before picky readers get a chance to include it in their review.


A professional and pristine presentation makes for an easy sale. Whether it’s inside the book or on the ad page, Coca House can help you grab your reader’s attention and keep them focused on your words by creating an immaculate interior design.


Who are we?

Coca House is a sister duo
We have a combined 45 years of experience in publishing.

The First Born had a noticeable talent for the written word before 2nd grade. She's read more romance and erotica than your own grandma and harbors a secret love for horror, mystery, and fantasy. Having studied English in college, she's worked as a freelance editor and retail market specialist for several large and successful booksellers.

The Other Sister didn't blossom as quickly as her older role model but a steadfast love for speculative fiction and writing captivating stories appeared by 5th grade. While the First Born was reading Edgar Allen Poe, the Other Sister was assigned Dostoevsky, Pushkin, and Tolstoy. She specializes in all things creative, including plots, characters, worlds, and blurbs.

  • Growing up in the same household, we were given the opportunity to really hone this skill from birth onward. You have been warned.

  • We honestly love stories and all the mechanics that go into crafting a great one! Don't be afraid to send us yours!

  • We won't baby you but we do try to teach and guide. We'll leave comments explaining our marks and we encourage you to ask questions.

  • We're both still working on our splits but have no problem doing so on your schedule. Keep us up to date with your publishing schedule for quicker turnaround!

Still Not convinced?